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Welcome To Growing Angels,Inc. Homepage

I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Mrs. Loretta White, the President of the Corporation. My husband Limontee is a computer technician, we have 4 children and a grandchild. I live in sunny Florida, by way of North Carolina. My father is a Minister with a church located in Raleigh, North Carolina.
I am a U.S. Army Veteran of 10 years, and have worked with Children and families in the community for many years. I would like to welcome you to Growing Angels, Inc. homepage.
Growing Angels,Inc. Resource Center
Growing Angels, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. We provide resources, training, community activities an outreach program (clothing and food are given free), an ex-offenders program, and many community supported programs. Growing Angels is a resource and development center offering programs primarily for socially and economically displaced persons. The center also offer prayer and spiritual support to those in need.
Info about our Teen Programs
A Teen Resource Center offer programs that combine fitness,education and entertainment while focusing on developing positive self-emages and leadership skills. The purpose of this program is to connect the community with youth and help them to develop a sense of responsibility in the community, job training and a mentoring program, helping youth to deal with restitution owed by juvenile offenders and is working to connect probation with the variety of community resources available. There will be various workshops offered focusing on empowering teens. Other programs offered are:An after-school program,which will create learning opportunities and aids students in decision making. A youth employment program,International Studies program-where teens compete to do an in-dept study to win a trip to Europe or London England.
Teens in fear of criminal victimization,sexual activity and early pregnacy, isolation, fear, lonliness, drug and alcohol abuse results in academic failure and truancy and failure to develop social skills. Quality programs reduce these risks and contribute to children's improved academic achievement and healthy development.

Seniors Programs
Seniors are very special to us here at Growing Angels,Inc. we have developed a program especially for them...Youth volunteer and assist our seniors in need. We visit with them regularly and help with chores that may be too difficult for them, we also act as liasons in business for some who can not write or read that well. We use the motto of "We Motivate and Stimulate" our seniors to keep them active in the community.

Community Youth Program
Our Youth program is called "Family Ties Youth Program" we feel that our youth are the substance of the family and the community. We provide a loving, kind and supportive environment where they express themselves through their talents. The youth are involved in crime prevention to make themselves safer and their communities stronger. We are a community minded organization. We feel that no child should be doomed because of the community circumstances. We have a compassion for others, those with addictions that they feel can't be broken, love lost for others, dreams that have been shattered.

My Dad, Rev. Fred Morris Jr. Raleigh, N.C.
Through all of my hard struggles in life, my family has always been behind me every step of the way.
I feel that family is so very important. Please remember that GOD loves each and everyone of you. And is the only one to Judge. Please don't judge your fellow man...Be there for him......

We thrive on enhancing the creativeness of families working together